With his family having over 25 years in the industry, Ben has taken his high fashion metropolitan techniques and style to opened the trendiest hair salon in Huntington NY. Over the years Ben has consistently worked with top brands such as Wella, Moroccan oil, and Loreal. He is frequently called upon often to demonstrate the newest trends in colors and styles at industry trade shows and expos. His talent and creativity extends into every aspect of hair design. To Ben designing the perfect hair style all begins with a good foundation. From having the right tools for the right hair all the way down to having the perfect lighting in the salon.

Creative Director

Jens career as a colorist and hairstylist spans over twelve years. She has extensive training in hair coloring from working with some of the major companies in the industry such as Wella, Loreal, and Aveda. This experience has given her the creative skills to solve hair color nightmares. Once Jen completes her colors, she loves to finish with a great hairstyle for both women and men. Jen is locally known as the one who fixes your other hairstylists boo-boo. Your best bet is to go see her first because you will probably be heading there soon if you dont.

Jennifer Chaves

Growing up, Michaela  always had an interest in The art of beauty. As she was ready to dive in and discover the industry, she took on BOCES from there she transferred to LIBS where she receive her cosmetology degree and discovered Salon Mayan. Joining the team at salon Mayan has been a prolific fun and exciting journey working alongside the team and being a part of national training events and in salon education has allowed her to rapidly grow and perfect the art of hair. Michaela specializes in balayage services and is constantly training attending classes to master the latest and greatest trends in the industry.